Day 1 – At Sea…

Yesterday we left by taxi from Amsterdam to the port of IJmuiden on the North Sea coast. Checking in on the cruise ship was done in a jiffy, finding our cabins took a bit longer. After unpacking our suitcases my Dad and I met at the coffee bar, mid ships, while waiting for the safety drill. image

Many people brought their life-jackets with them from their room, I didn’t, I thought I still had time to pick it up, which was idle hope of course. All the people with life jackets at the muster station were photographed, but not me, something I didn’t mind, I’m not planning on buying pictures of myself or Dad, we make our own. (OMG, I do sound as a Dutchman, don’t I?)

We choose the second shift for dinner which starts at 21.00 till… late. So before we had time for a nap, something to read or having a drink somewhere in one of the many bars on board. Some prices for drinks are a bit strange… for a Radler you have to pay extra, but when they make it from scratch it’s free. Draught beer is free of charge, but a bottle costs extra.

One thing I’ve learned after dinner last night, don’t over eat on the delicious fresh bread, I couldn’t eat a dessert after the meal. The waiter looked a bit strange to me when I only ordered a small starter and a main course, while my Dad took a starter, a salad, soup, a main dish and extra veggies. Having no stomach does that to me, while he can eat all that he wants.

After dinner we went for a warm beverage before going back to our cabins, even doing nothing much makes you feel tired. After a good nights sleep we took breakfast in the restaurant, no buffet style but a-la-carte. Next time I wont take their coffee, it’s not freshly brewed but coffee powder with hot water, yuck!

in the mean time we’ve arrived in Saint Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey. We stay on board since we’re here just a short time, less than 3 hours, and I don’t want to trip over my own feet in the small cobbled streets.

Around six this evening we leave port for Vigo in Spain, near the border of Portugal, to arrive there at 8 in the morning of Sunday. So most of tomorrow we’ll be cruising the Gulf of Biscay. Or taking a nap, sitting in the sun and taking a nap, reading and falling asleep.



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