Canal Pride 2014

It’s a long post, not in text but in photos. Click the first one and you’ll see a bigger version, some have a text to explain it.

5 thoughts on “Canal Pride 2014

    1. Oh no you wont! Do you know how much damage they have after the event. You have to fend off people to come on board or sit/walk on your roof. Most owners don’t see a thing of the parade.

  1. Great pics and parade. You had a great spot for viewing and picture taking. And, you look mahvelous, dahling.

    1. It was the same spot as last year, on the MSA* terrace boat. Mario is a member of MSA but without a motor. (MSA = Motor Sport Amsterdam) So we were surrounded by leather clad men and other leather fetishes. Not really my cup of tea but for a great seat…

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