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OMG Police!

Police-StopI just went for a drink, or two, three or maybe more to town this afternoon. During the Canal Parade I (almost) didn’t have any alcohol, so to close off these 9 days of Gay Pride I went to Zeedijk. At “de Engel” I had a few beers, next stop café ‘t Mandje where I joined the sing-along and another beer. I met Martin again, we see each other on and off, but have a lot of friends in common.

Later we went together to the Gay Pride closing party on Rembrandt Square, which started hours before and will go on till midnight. After an hour I had enough and wanted to go home, my friend had the same idea. Driving off the venue site I was stopped by a police officer.

He said: “Do you have a driving license?” and I said “Yes!”

Than he said “Have you’ve been drinking?” I couldn’t deny that so I said ‘Yes I did.’

Before he could ask the next question, and remember I sit on a certain level to people who stand around me, I asked with a 😉 in my most innocent voice… “Do I have to blow now officer?!”

He said “not now” and winked back. “Have a good trip home.”

Which I did.

That’s Amsterdam’s finest for you, in other countries it could be seen as a bribery.


Canal Pride 2014

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