Daily Archives: July 25, 2014

TMI – Dressed

anigif_enhanced-28985-1406130456-26WHAT COMES BETWEEN YOU AND THE REST OF THE WORLD?
1. Do you wear underwear or do you free ball? Why or why not?
I do wear underwear, it feels better that way.

2. What’s your style? Boxers, briefs, thongs, panties?
Boxer-briefs, that stretches 5 ways.

3. Colors, patterns, superheros, etc?
At the moment this style only comes in black or red, I choose the black ones with small red details. BTW the red ones have small black details.

4. If and when you’re living together, do you match or not? Is laundry a consideration?
I live alone but I took in consideration a whole pink outfit in case I washed the red boxer-briefs with the rest of my stuff.

5. Is there anything as sexy as a classic brief tan line on a bubble butt?
No there isn’t, just don’t look for me on the beach or another sunny spot to suntan. I may have colored arms and some color on my face but for the rest I’m as pale as cooked chicken.

How much of an exhibitionist are you?
Not at all, you should re-read # 5 again.