The Day After… Pink Monday

Alas, I can’t show you photos from my own camera, after two shots the memory chip was overloaded, must have been the abundance of pink. just click a photo for a broader view.

and some later additions from another camera.

Here are some shots from the website of Brabants Dagblad

And if you just hadn’t enough…
Kop van Jut


5 thoughts on “The Day After… Pink Monday

  1. Jon, wait till Gay Pride Amsterdam. I’ve got a resevered seat along the canal, on Saturday August, 2 and afterwards we go to Zeedijk again. Then it’s not just pink but all the colors of the rainbow, with some nudity mixed in.

  2. Looks like great fun. Blasts of pink everywhere. And not a cop in sight. Refreshing. Thanks, Pleter.

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