Daily Archives: July 21, 2014

Pink Monday in Tilburg

rozemaandagWe have Roze Zaterdag, (Pink Saturday), first Saturday in July, which is the start of Pride in the Netherlands. Every year another city is the host. The next big pink event is today its Roze Maandag, or Pink Monday which is always held in Tilburg, during the largest fair in Europe. A celebration of diversity. Earlier this morning a pink train left Amsterdam, on the train the party had already started, and without switching in Den Bosch (which you normally have to do to reach Tilburg) the passengers arrive in an hour or so.

The owners of bar ‘De Engel van Amsterdam’ have arranged for a coach. We’ll leave Amsterdam around noon for our day of fun on the Tilburg Fair. When they heard I was coming too their first reaction was “Can you walk that distance?” And I said “No, but I have all the time in the world to get me to the first bar with a terrace and see the crowd go by.” I’m not going to do stupid things, like bungy-jumping or getting drunk.

The dresscode is pink of course, so I’ll fit in with my pink cap, pink shirt and pink rimmed umbrella (the forecast is rain).