LENTEZON21From mourning to laughter, all in a day.

Yesterday I went to a cremation of one of my neighbors. First there was of course the commemoration of the deceased. I knew her mother and some of her sisters, brothers-in-law and some nieces.

The service was impressive, the family and friends that turned up too, the hall at ‘Nieuwe Ooster’ could hardly fit them all. I had a lump in my throat when I said my last silent greeting to her and bowed to the family who were standing around the willow casket.

Afterwards there was a get-together with coffee, cake and well wishing for the family.

On my way home I did some shopping and at home a little nap before I was off again. Back the way I went earlier that morning, across the W.H. Vliegenbos to catch the Oost-ferry to KNSM-laan for an opening of a Frida Kahlo expo.

No paintings by the artist herself, but art in her style by well-known artists. And it’s a small world so I met several people I know and some I hadn’t seen or talked to in ages. Due to the lack of seats I had to go after an hour, I needed to sit down but had enough decorum not to use one of the exhibits.

Eventually I ended up on the terrace of De Engel (van Amsterdam) on Zeedijk. Here Fred told me he ruined his kitchen by making popcorn for the game (Netherlands – Brazil) that would start in a few hours. Stupid me… I believed him until I saw the link on Facebook.

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