And Then I Heard It…

ons-oranjeI thought the game had been finished and since I didn’t hear the neighbors screaming the whole 90 minutes, only some groaning around halfway, I thought we were out.

Low and behold I have to use the red-white-blue flag for another week, in the last-minute they made a goal and in the extra time another one.

Okay, next Saturday they can play another game, better keep a good video handy. (Just finished season 5 of Warehouse 13)

3 thoughts on “And Then I Heard It…

  1. It’s as big as American football in the USA, and I neither understand the rules. My lesbian neigbor on the other hand, can’t be pried away from the TV set not even when the Dutch are NOT playing. She has to see all the games… and in the morning the reruns and all the commentary. (She doesn’t cheer on the reruns… luckely!)

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