drainSuddenly I feel drained. I visited my Mum yesterday morning for coffee at the OAP home. As soon as I got home and sat in my chair I fell asleep, only to wake up 5 hours later. Okay it was a good long nap, but what inflicted it was beyond me. I sleep well during the night.

Later that evening I didn’t like the distractions on TV so I went to bed early, before 11! Okay I finished the last 40 pages of the book I was reading, but way before midnight the lights were out.

This morning I woke up at 5.30 went out of bed, had something to eat and went back to bed (again). Just to wake up a little before 11. I watched some telly, drank two large cups of coffee, and now I feel like going to bed again and it’s just past 1.30.

I know visiting Mum is taking a strain on me. I never saw her crying so much while wondering what she’s doing in this “hotel” in which she only has spend 2 days. (In the mean time she been here 10 days).  Does her worrying drain me too?

4 thoughts on “Drained…

  1. Some people sleep a lot when they’re depressed, and what your mother’s going through is depressing.

    (Why did I only now subscribe to your blog?)

  2. Yes this time with your mum is more draining than you realize and on some level more then we ever want to admit too. Also, you might be fighting off something – when I sleep like that it usually means I’m about to get sick if I don’t listen to my body. Feel better and taking care of yourself means you can take care of others.

  3. Yes it does drain you. When our loved ones hurt we feel the pain. Trick is to feel it but not vibrate like tuning forks and becoming enmeshed. what a challenge.

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