Daily Archives: June 27, 2014


drainSuddenly I feel drained. I visited my Mum yesterday morning for coffee at the OAP home. As soon as I got home and sat in my chair I fell asleep, only to wake up 5 hours later. Okay it was a good long nap, but what inflicted it was beyond me. I sleep well during the night.

Later that evening I didn’t like the distractions on TV so I went to bed early, before 11! Okay I finished the last 40 pages of the book I was reading, but way before midnight the lights were out.

This morning I woke up at 5.30 went out of bed, had something to eat and went back to bed (again). Just to wake up a little before 11. I watched some telly, drank two large cups of coffee, and now I feel like going to bed again and it’s just past 1.30.

I know visiting Mum is taking a strain on me. I never saw her crying so much while wondering what she’s doing in this “hotel” in which she only has spend 2 days. (In the mean time she been here 10 days).  Does her worrying drain me too?