Daily Archives: June 22, 2014

Private & Personal

being-googledIt’s been a long time since I wrote something about my personal life. Sometimes many times I had the feeling nothing happened, while in the background loads happened.

I’m still doing well, I still lose weight, I had only one heart attack in all these months, on the early morning we would drive back from Basel to Amsterdam (June 1). But with the help of a pill, working for 3 hours on the computer to keep my mind occupied with what I was doing instead of listening to my running heart rhythm. Later I snoozed all the way home in the car.

Lately my Mum (almost 94) has suffered more from her Alzheimer, and my Dad (almost 91) who’s helped her these past 5 years can’t cope with it anymore. Luckely with the help of a dementia specialist we could find a place where she can live and get all the care she needs. Of course for Dad, it was not an easy decision, the words “for better and worse…” has been playing in his head. Of course just as before one of us visit her every day, so Dad doesn’t have to do that and can do the things he wants to do, like playing golf or going shopping. Before all this he had to keep in mind the time, if she felt well or all that other stuff life is throwing at you.