Daily Archives: June 13, 2014

TMI – Father’s Day

Happy-Fathers-Day-June-20141. My dad’s name is Piet (pronounce as Pete)
2. He is almost 91 years old. (September 27)
3. He is as big as 176 cm or 5.8 feet.
4. He has white hair and brown eyes.
5. His favorite food is one he has prepared himself.
6. His favorite color is blue.
7. He likes to go golfing with a fellow OAP.
8. For fun he likes to play a trick on people.
9. My favorite thing to do with my dad is discuss things with him.
10. I love my dad because he is himself.

And now on to the BONUS…
1. Who’s your daddy? I’ve no idea!
2. Are you into daddies? No!
3. How do you define daddy? I’ve no idea!
4. Are you a daddy? Hell no!