Daily Archives: June 6, 2014

TMI – Happy Pride 2014

1. Tell me about your first Pride.
Before I got sick, in 2001, I was at work during Pride weekend. It took me 5 years to get better and to visit the event, which will be held over here the last week of July with the big finale at the first weekend of August.

2. What did that first Pride mean to you?
Showing people who I was and not the man they thought I would be. It felt liberating.

3. How many different Prides have you been to?
Over these past years I’ve been to five, in the odd years I was at a convention.

4. Do you fly the Pride Flag and/or stick it to anything?
During Pride week I fly the Pride Flag from my home, I even got one on my electric wheelchair.

5. Do you still celebrate Pride? What does it mean to you now?
Yes I do, see above.

6. Does Pride need improving? If so, what changes would you make?
Depends were in the world you are. It shouldn’t matter who you love if it’s a man, a woman, or both.

7. How do you give back?
I’m team leader of our local group of Pink Codes, we organize a monthly drink for our community of GLBTQ but hetero’s are welcome too.

What kind of trouble or embarrassing moment have you had during Pride?
Being too drunk to answer that one!