EMTC2014 Basel – Day 3

Button02After a free morning and short afternoon, with visits to a number of exclusive fabrics stores, but also a button shop with an overwhelming range of buttons in all shapes and sizes, the author of this post met with some Dutch visitors who flew in just fort his event.He gave them their tickets so they could follow the International Fashion Show at the Elisabeth church.

In the church, they had built a 40 meter long catwalk with on both sides only three rows of seats. That way everyone would have a good view of the show. After the welcome speech by the President of the Swiss Tailor Federation, the Netherlands kicked off the show.
With the music of the ‘Common Linnets’ (Dutch runner-up in the European Song Contest) our own Kim and Mariska walked as modern farmers down the runway. On TV screens, one could see the names of the creators, including the names of the shoe and purse maker.

The photos of this event will be shown at a later date online, along with interviews with the creators (on the website of the Guild in Dutch). What the guests in the hall also noticed was that our models all laughed , not a straight face was seen. They showed what a beautiful creation they where wearing. One and a half hours later and many, many beautiful creations the afternoon came to an end.

The Netherlands made a great creative impression, including accessories. Later we heard talk about it in the corridors, maybe the other countries are going to set up a cooperation with other creative professions in the fashion field. Together you stand stronger.

safran-zunftIn the evening a gala dinner was held in the Safran Zunft, or the House of the saffron and herb traders. The official Guild Hall from the 14th century no longer exists, but in the same place now stands the present building which still has the same function, even when it’s now only once a year on Ash Wednesday. The large rooms are now used as a restaurant for parties and celebrations .

It was a long and restless evening on the dance floor and the clock rang just a few strokes when the people returned to their home or hotel.

Tomorrow we part with a drink and a snack, and the great exodus can take place. Monday is just another ordinary working day.

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  1. Sounds like a thrilling time. I also like the fact that the models were smiling and happy – a far cry from the austere expressions one often associates with such happenings. Safe trip home and thanks for the updates.

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