EMTC2014Basel – Day 2

cubesToday was a short night, it was a normal working day after all and the first lectures would begin promptly at 9am. If anyone lives by the clock the Swiss are, or would that be because of all those beautiful clocks they make and sell here. In other words when in Rome do as the Romans.

Besides lectures and a workshop there’s also a mini-fair on the program and the also very important comparative models show. It is after all these years that I can say (since 2003), this work is still fascinating how different people create something totally different from the same cloth. I not only do I see it internationally, but also on a national level we have comparative models made by the five Dutch regions.

franjeThe lectures that one could follow were the following :
• The Jakob Schlaepfer company – how a company who was mainly known as a traditional hand weaving and embroidery workshop turned in the course of a hundred years into one of the leading Haute Couture weavers. Sometimes they just make 9 meters (30 feet) of the product and other times fort heir Pret-a-porter collections, miles and miles. Among their clients are big names like Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. They were also with present with a stand, I hope you can understand how it on… paper towels were available for people who dribbled.

schelpenOther lectures were:
• Silk, velvet and steel – the corset from the Baroque period to the present day .
• How can I get a (new) customer and keep him/her? – About how the connection is between the work that one does, the expectation of the customer and the persuasiveness of the seller/creator.
The sales pitch was another theme
• Fashion illustration through the ages .
• The creation of a new piece.
• Pattern making using CAD, this was about the computer drawing program GRAPHIS version 10.
And last, but not least, in the eyes of the customer/consumer is very important part: The optimal fit.

To conclude the whole there was a panel discussion, normally this goes totally wrong and down the drain but the subject this time was the right one and everyone was well covered.

Later that night at the Radisson Blu hotel dinner was served followed by a free evening. Of course this will turn into a free morning/afternoon as well.

See you tomorrow !

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