EMTC2014 Basel – Day 1

Basler-LeckerliAfter a good night’s sleep (what a nice bed !), the day started early again. Retrieving the conference documents could be done as early as 11 AM and we walked as cattle along with the crowd. It did not really matter if you just arrived three hours later, but… if that stuff is handled you can just paint the town red. And the well stocked goody-bag, with Basler Leckerli and ‘mountains’ of Toblerone can count as emergency rations. Many of the conference participants just went their own way..

There are more than 120 people signed up for these days, the only absentee is South Tyrol . They can’t come because in this period many marriages and fests are planned and somebody has to make costumes and outfits. Just remember that the South Tyrol region is the province of Trentino and contains only a handful of tailors. In two years time in Austria they hope to be there again, the Congress is then also in early May.

Even though we see our colleagues only once every two years during an EMTC event, or in the odd years at a World Convention, the atmosphere between these two international meetings is totally different. The EMTC feels like a warm bath, visitors are like family, and everyone gets right back to memories of previous years. They also ask us immediately if we will be organizing this event in 2016 and whether it will be held in Amsterdam, unfortunately… we have to wait until 2018. First it’s Austria’s turn.

museum-kulturenThe official opening was performed in the courtyard of the Museum der Kulturen ‘Museum of Ethnology’ While enjoying a glass of wine, beer or juice and snacks. Hans Luginbuhl, president of the Swiss Tailor Association opened, with his trademark comic speech the Congress. Not only the organizers were thanked, but also the three female presidents of Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, but also all the tailors present, partners and interested people.

Afterwards there was a visit to the museum, which was kept open especially for this occasion. At half past seven we were invited to the restaurant of the museum where dinner would be served. While enjoying a glass of wine… or two… a tasty meal was served. Before we knew it, it was already 10 PM.

After a short tram ride -yes, we know which line number we need to take- some of us reached the hotel. The rest is still painting the town red. Dutiful as I am, (ahumm) I’m writing my report and put it online.

And then… tired but satisfied I will roll in my bed. Tomorrow will be another day! There are eight different readings that can be followed, technical issues such as working with CAD-CAM programs, and to how to deal with a customer, but also fashion drawings and the best fit will be discussed. And of course the show of compairing models. Each country will receive the same materials only the end result will be different.

See you tomorrow !

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