TMI – Make Mine A Double !

beer-wine1. Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?
It depends on the situation, when I’m in a bar I’ll drink a beer, when I’m at a party I’ll have a glass of white wine. Between bars the white wine can be so different, while the beer has just a slight difference in taste. In between drinks I’ll order a glass of water, not all drinks go well with the meds.
2. What kind of wine do you prefer?
White wine like Chardonnay or a blush Zinfandel in summer.
3. Do you have a favorite beer?
There are so many brands to choose from, I prefer a Grolsch or if that’s not available a Heineken or Amstel. The last two are brewed around the corner, Grolsch is brewed 100 miles further to the east.
4. Can you taste the difference between vodkas?
No I can’t unless it’s flavoured with a fruit, don’t ask me that after 3 shots of the stuff then it all tastes the same.
5. Are you a top shelf or rail kinda person?
I’ll take what’s available.
6. What was your most memorable (good, bad or embarrassing) drinking experience?
Just ask my friend / former colleague Marc B. in London U.K., he says I talk to trees and lampposts, this was somewhere in 1980.
While living in Germany, 1977, I had a drink with colleagues on a Friday night on an empty stomach, while we all had to work the day after. I puked in my room, and with a ‘wooden head’ I sat with the rest of the sales staff on the fire stairs while trainees took care of the customers. BTW our manager was sitting with us on those stairs too.

Have you ever drunk dialed?
No! All the numbers that matter, including a taxi, are stored. Nowadays I drink and drive, but I never steer a vehicle when I’m drunk!

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