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The Day After The Day And Night Before…

The LUV-sisters, one of the acts at Homo Monument
The LUV-sisters, one of the acts at Homo Monument

We had a great time, Kings Day started the evening before since a party of just 24 hours is just too short. It was my first time to go out the night before Queens Kings Day. (We still have to get used to the name, we had a Queens Day for the past 125 years and now with a King…)

I met with friends around 7 pm at the Homo Monument next to the Wester church, for a sing-a-long and other acts. One would think gays can organise a party, and most of the time that goes right, but here many things went wrong. The acts came in at the wrong time, music was not available or the wrong music to go with the act. But a good time was had by all because we met people we hadn’t seen in ages.

Around 10 pm I had enough and drove over to Zeedijk to have a drink with other people at “De Engel van Amsterdam”. One thing that struck me was the amount of people standing outside drinking. Normally you get fined for such an offend. I stayed here for under an hour before I drove back towards Noordermarkt.

Here I was welcomed by the proprietor of Café Hegeraad, my normal coffee stop on Saturday morning. Only this time I was 12 hours to early! So no coffee but a beer would do, and another one. At midnight I was on my way home towards the ferry.

media_xl_2227654The next day, the real Kings Day, I stayed far away from the city centre, 700,000 visitors is a bit too much for me. Getting across with the ferry to town was a problem too. So instead I visited my parents and brought orange-colored pastry with me. Afterwards I enjoyed the quite of the Waterland country side.


And the best thing… no noise just some birds singing their song.

Today, is the official birthday of the king, but because of religious beliefs it was celebrated the day before.