Daily Archives: April 25, 2014

TMI – Snack Time

chocolate-chips1. Do you prefer salty or sweet?
Depends on the time of the day, sweet like chocolate, even when I prefer the high cocoa variety, during the day. Salty at night, and yes that can be chocolate as well.
2. What was your favorite snack as a kid?
Fries or as we call it patat.
3. What is your favorite snack now?
Ones in a long while… a sate croquet. It’s a treat for keeping my diet.
4. Healthy snacks are….?
Healthy, like fruit and vegs.
5. Milk and what kind of cookies? Do you dunk?
This is something American. I dunk Dutch gingerbread in coffee or tea.
6. How do you eat Oreos?
Oreos have only been 10 years on the market on this side of the Big Pond, even when it has some kind of chocolate in it… it’s not a favorite of mine.
7. What is your favorite movie snack?
Pistachio nuts, shelling the one by one.
8. Cake or pie?
My Mum is from the south of the country so we grew up with cheap fruit pies like apricot, cherries, or plum but also rice pie and of course apple pie
9. Ready Whip or Cool Whip?
Brands they have in America, I prefer real whipped cream, but only once in a while.
10. Potato Chips or Pretzels or Cheetos?
If I have to choose between those three I go for Potato Chips, with crushed sea salt and black pepper.
CoffeeStain11. Favorite kind of ice-cream – flavor and brand?
Stupid question… chocolate of course, preferably made by a small ice-cream maker. Other wise Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie
12. Most unusual food you eat as a snack?
Fried seaweed.