TMI – Tax Time 2014

belastingdienst111. Have you finished your taxes or are you just getting started?
In this country it’s due before April 1. I started collecting all the stuff at the beginning of February and handed it in early March.
2. Do you do your taxes yourself or do you use a service?
I use an accountant, business and private weave in and out.
3. How are you at keeping records and receipts?
Everything is paid by bank, I keep certain posts like insurance, local taxes, water, electricity and mortgage on lists.
4. How ‘creative’ do you get?
My accountant knows the tricks of the trade, he does it for me.
5. What do you think about the amount of taxes you pay?
As in every country of the world they are high, but on the other hand you get a lot back in services. 50 percent of what you will receive gross goes to taxes, the more you earn the more tax you pay. Something certain people in the USA (the 1%) would hate.
6. What do you plan to do with your refund?
Refund?! I’m glad if I don’t have to pay extra.

Have you ever ‘paid’ an IRS agent personally?
Everything is done electronical, you even sign electronical and payment is done that way too. But I get your drift with ‘paid’, no I haven’t paid the man of the Blue Enveloppe.

*BTW our IRS or Belastingdienst have a slogan: We can’t make it more enjoyable, only easier. Even their logo with a straight ‘l’ and the rest in Italics is a reference to bookkeeping.

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