TMI – April Fool’s Day 2014

Topeka_Google_image1. What are your thoughts of April Fool’s jokes?
I love them but haven’t seen or read many lately.
2. Have you had any memorable, good or bad, April Fools’ pranks?
Only good ones, just the thought of falling for them made me smile.
3. Do you have a sense of humor? What kind?
Yes, I love to laugh. It’s a great way of moving muscles.
4. How important is a sense of humor in a mate?
Very, together you have twice the fun.
5. Are you attracted to one type of humor over another?
No not really.
6. Can being really funny make an “unfortunate looking” person sexy and attractive to you?
It’s the inner being that counts first, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
7. Fart jokes are …!
8. Do you embarrass easily?
Depends on the situation.
9. Do you tend to wear silly t-shirts? Do you have a favorite?
I bought some a few years ago, then they didn’t fit and now they do, but… I only wear them when I don’t have to go out or as a top in bed.
10. Do you make faces or strike a pose when having your picture taken?
Depends where I am or the situation.
11. Do clowns scare you or make you laugh?
Sometimes I am the clown.

Have you (or your partner) ever laughed during sex?
Yes we have.
Why and what were you and your partner’s reactions to the laughing?
He farted that was cause enough.