iStock_000013485370XSmallIn the TMI of March 21 this question popped up:
5. Who do you take to the doctor faster, yourself or your pet?
My answer was: Over time I’ve learned to take myself to the doctor faster…

Afterwards, it was up in print for a day or two, I realised I didn’t do that with what was hindering me at the moment. The next Monday I made an appointment with my GP. I was having terrible piercing headaches for the past two months, but with the help of 3 Advils a day I could keep it under control.

First I thought it was the pressure of the new website, which had to be up and running by the end of January. It turned out it was not that, nor the pillows on my bed, or sleeping in a chair without a pillow. My GP send me to a physiotherapist specialised in headaches and I had to stop with Advil immediately, because that’s the worst pill when you’re a heart patient. Over the counter paracetamol is much better and cheaper too.

On Wednesday I had my first treatment at Dr Khan’s place, he put pressure on a certain spot of my neck near the cranial. I felt the pain flow away. Later that evening when I felt the headache tried to return I pushed that same, now sore, spot and it went away again.

631Last Monday Dr Khan used an acupuncture technique to relief me of the pain, or as he said he disabled a muscle that goes from my shoulder to my neck onwards to my head. It was turned and twisted from a wrong move, only which move I don’t know.

It also shows I could have found relief earlier if I had listened to my body sooner, instead of self-medication…

Thanks Sean! You’re TMI gave me relief in a way.

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  1. 2 months? I’m glad you finally got relief. Advil also is a blood thinner and since most heart patients take a blood thinner (in America), it’s a bad idea to combine the two. It is very hard on the stomach too.

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