TMI – Let Me See Your True Colors

iStock_000023012704Small1. What is your favorite color?
Blue, like 60 % of the population.
2. What color are your eyes?
3. What color is your hair?
4. What color is your bedroom?
Yellow-ish, same as the hall, living and study room, it makes a room sunny also in colder periods of the year.
5. Which color do you look best in?
Bright colors, pinks, blue, red,
6. Is there a color you never wear?
Black, except for shoes. Black shoes go with everything.
Afikim-Breeze-S37. How did you pick the color of your car?
The electric scooter only comes in shiny silver.
8. Are your eyes ever green with envy?
Of course they are, but it all depends on the situation.
9. Do you have a signature color?
That would be blue too, unless I make corrections in texts then I use red.
10. How much do you love Cyndi Lauper!
Love is a bit too much, I liked her in her heyday.

Gray hair is sexy here, there, but never on a womans face. πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “TMI – Let Me See Your True Colors

    1. You know Sean always asks something really personal in his bonus question, something I don’t want to answer too, since my family and therapists read this blog too.

  1. I am crackers for colour; it is no surprise my shirts are loud and bright that way. It is sad for me to see the world wear gray and black when we have kelly green and cherry red.

    1. Yesterday I commented on a coat worn by some elderly lady, while traveling on the ferry back home. I said “I love your coat, those bright colors look good on you!” On which she replied: I’m sick and tired of all the black and gray people wear nowadays, express yourself! Show your true colors!

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