TMI – Do You Wanna Play Doctor?

sexydoctor1. Do you remember playing doctor when you were a kid?
It’s eons ago but YES I do!
2. When choosing a doctor, is their gender or sexual orientation a factor?
No, he/she should know their stuff or specialism
3. How do you feel about needles?
I’ve got diabetes so needles is a daily thing.
4. Mother’s, especially Jewish ones, always seem to want doctor’s for son-in-laws. Did you ever dream about dating/marrying a doctor?
No… I was raised catholic. A good income doesn’t make you happy… it only helps.
5. Who do you take to the doctor faster, yourself or your pet?
Over time I’ve learned to take myself to the doctor faster, next to that I don’t have a pet.
6. Do you consider yourself a good patient?
I think I do, but I have great doctors and specialists which helps too.
trust-me-doctor7. Have you been to a plastic surgeon?
Why… do you think I need one?
8. If money weren’t an issue, what work would you have done?
Getting rid of the excess skin since I lost 60 kilo.
9. How do you feel about going to the dentist?
You should see her, your fear goes right out of the window.

Do you ever play Doctor now?
Not as much as I would like to.

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