TMI – Ohhh… It’s So Hard

hard_to_be_a_diamond_in_a_rhinestone_world1. Which class was the hardest in high school?
French, I stopped after one year. I did continue with German and English, next to Dutch of course.
2. Which is harder – house work or yard work (pretend you have a yard if you have to)?
House work, working the yard is easy in my case… all the plants are made of silk and/or plastic.
3. Which is the hardest household chore?
Cleaning up after oneself.
4. Which is harder, eating right or exercising?
Exercising is harder, my feet don’t co-operate with the rest of the body.
5. Which is harder, waking up early or staying up late?
Depends how the night was before. I’ve got intestine problems which can keep me up during the night, or I sleep like a log.
6. Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear?
No, I worked in this business so I only have good stuff which will go with many other outfits.
7. Which is harder, your ass or your abs? Which would you rather?
After all the weight loss my ass is much smaller and softer [!] My abs… are sagging too.
8. Is it harder to wade slowly into a body of water or to just jump in?
Haven’t jumped or waded in a body of water in a long time… a jump is quicker, wading gives more resistance if I remember biology 101 well.
9. How hard is it for you to make decisions?
It’s not the decision that is hard, you can do that in a split second, it’s the consequences which makes it sometimes hard.
10. What’s the hardest decision you ever had to make?
Giving up my business when I heard I would never walk again, in the mean time we’re 12.5 years further and I can walk short distances again without crutches.

Have you ever taken Viagra or similar drug when you didn’t need it? Details please.
NO, but I’ve stopped taking some pills while I really needed them at that time. I didn’t care what was going on with my body at the time.

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  1. I guess it depends which language you already speak as to the difficulty of learning another. I think for native English speakers, French is easier.

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