Wok This Way…

wok-this-wayStir fry is one of the easiest meals to cook, and it is great fun to do as well.

Cook your rice or noodles first.

  1. Prepare meat. Cut it into thin strips.
  2. Prepare your vegetables as needed. Peppers should be cut into thin slices, onions chopped, etc.
  3. Heat up your wok. Usually a wok is at temperature when it starts smoking.
  4. Put a small amount of oil (1-2 tablespoons) in your wok. If you want more flavor in the meat, you can add a small amount of soy sauce to the oil.
  5. Add your meat, constantly stirring it until it is just cooked through (this requires about 5 minutes).
  6. Add the flavoring additions like onions and garlic next.
  7. Add any vegetables you want (for example, bean sprouts or vegetables from a ready-made packet). If you are adding fresh vegetables, add the ones that require the least cooking (like mushrooms) last.
  8. Add any stir fry sauce you are using at the very end. It is best not to add too much sauce at once, as too much can make the vegetables soggy in addition to lowering the heat of the wok.
  9. Wait about 3-4 minutes, the vegetables and sauce should be done, and you can serve.
  10. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we start stir frying.

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  1. I love wok cooking. I’ll just mention that using peanut oil is preferable to others. It can handle the higher heat better without burning. I think you’ve selected my dinner for this evening. Thanks!

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