I Feel Forced…

I feel forced to buy a new cell phone my new provider thinks I need. An Android or iPhone with all the possibilities of a computer, hence the printer. I don’t need a cell with a camera, or a computer, neither do I need a TXT service.

alcatel_one_touch_2000So I went shopping for a new one without all those extra’s you have to pay for as well. It’s not that easy as it turned out. Most cell phone businesses want to sell the whole packet or just don’t have a phone without all the extra’s.

The only place I could find one was Media Markt*, for just under €46 which is a little over $63. It seems they call this a OAP** phone, large numbers no extra’s. I’m fine with that. It’s just in case of an emergency when I’m on my way with the scooter. The separate camera is in the front pocket of my bag, the ‘computer’ is my iPad and the e-book leans against that one too.

All the names and numbers, that matter, have been brought in by hand. I know there’s a trick for that too using the computer, but now I could skip some of them and put the others in the way I like them ordered. [One of the things I anal about]. People who know me hope I would be like that in other things too, you never know… I’m still young…

*Media Markt, or as my supplier for domestic machines call it, their showroom. The supplier is a Pop & Mom shop and they deliver and give service for the same price as you have to pay in these mega cash-and-carry stores.
**OAP = Old Age Pensioner, an acronym mostly used in the UK.

One thought on “I Feel Forced…

  1. Oh boy! This sound so familiar. I feel pretty much the same. However, when my phone died I couldn’t replace it with a similar one. Offered a free bit deal from my carrier, I went with the iPhone – same plan, same monthly payment. I do get free text, which I used at work. I will never use all the bells and whistles, or apps, but it’s a great phone, with great reception, and with a great company. The new phone was free and the monthly fee remains at $30.00. I am sure you’ll be fine.

    Let’s FaceTime one of these days.


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