TMI – There’s Something In The Air…

smell-sense-olfactory-image1. Do you have a sensitive nose?
A normal one, right in the middle of my face. 😉
2. Do you have allergies?
Only for cats and pussy
3. Do you have a big nose? 
No I don’t have a “Charles de Gaulle”
4. Are there any smells that trigger memories for you?
Hay in summer, green apples, chocolate
5. What are some of your favorite food aromas?
Chocolate, almonds, berries
6. What are some of your favorite smells in nature?
Freshly mown grass
7. Do you use air fresheners?
NO !
8. Do you like scented candles?
I do, almond and chocolate, but not at the same time.
9. Which food smells make you want to hurl?
Fried eggs.
10. What is the absolute worst smell for you?
Rotten eggs

What smells or aromas turn you on?
Chocolate… of course, just the smell is enough, I don’t have to eat it.

3 thoughts on “TMI – There’s Something In The Air…

  1. I think we should celebrate the senses more often than we do; there is nothing so joyous than a sweet redolence of something.

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