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SymhonicaCasaRosso2Symphonica in Rosso is an annual music event held in the Gelredome in Arnhem. The first edition in 2006 with Dutch singer Marco Borsato was sold out with ten shows, and 325,000 people attended these shows.

Symphonica in Casa Rosso is a whole different event, it’s only one word extra in the title but also it has 32,320 seats less a performance. Casa Rosso is an erotic theater in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. I’m sure you’ve heard of this part of town, where men go “window shopping”, and sometimes often buy ‘fresh meat’ for 30 minutes or more. AKA ‘a roll in the hay.’

Who would have thought I would enter these doors for an afternoon of fun, first of all not I. When I told my Dad what I was up to this afternoon he was not amused. “Why would you go to a house of ill repute?!” he said “People could recognise you?” First of all I’m not going to see a hetero sex show, and second I’m going with gay friends who also never stepped over the threshold of this place.

Symphonica in Casa Rosso is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the big event, it’s a program of ultra-light entertainment and irresponsible amusement as they call it themselves. With old and new hits by Coco Coquette, Desiree dello Stiletto,  Mizz Mopsie, Tilly Trekhaak, Rose Murphy and Victoria False.

You guessed it… with names like that it must be a drag show, which it is… in a sex theater! 😉

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