Withdrawal Symptoms…

withdrawal-symptomsI had some withdrawal symptoms on one of my regular posts… Thursday Recipe, so you’ve guessed it… it will return later this month.

In the mean time while working on the computer this last month, I missed out on most of the other posts of friends. I skipped thru them, read headlines, snips of posts and that’s it.

Someone asked me what are you doing all day behind that PC? “Work” I said, “work?” she said, “you haven’t done a paid job in over twelve years?!” And then it hit me, I’ve been home over 12.5 years, still on sick leave or as I call it ‘Early Retirement’.

“I still see my ‘job’ as webmaster, which I’m doing over 10 years now, as work. It doesn’t pay well, after taxes still 64 euro cent a day. But it gives me something to do.” I said. “But when I looked at you these last two weeks, you looked so possessed” she said, “and that for such a crap paying job”. “But, but… you haven’t seen the end result” I said, “my friend and colleague in the south had a lot of work in it too. She explained me, using Skype, how certain parts of the new site works. I know what to do on WordPress, I know how CMS works after 3 years working with it. And then comes Joomla 3.x and I have to start at the very beginning again.”

nw-websiteThe new site for the extended Guild* is ready, and should be online by now, but… the new provider forgot to switch it on before he went home for the weekend. On the other hand our old provider forgot to close the old website too.

“At last I’ve got the weekend off, but somewhere in the back of my mind I’m planning a form or two that has to be made.” I said, while scribbling another word on a piece of paper. They have to be made first before I send off two newsletters.

*We merged with the designers and makers of shoes and purses mid December.