TMI – Does My Butt Look Fat?

truth1. What’s the most creative lie you’ve ever told?
I can’t lie, I just start laughing. I can fudge a story but have to force myself to keep a straight face, but it has been some time when I did that.
2. What lie do you wish you could take back?
I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of.
3. How long could you go without lying? Even a white lie.
A very long time see #1.
4. Are you more honest when you comment anonymously?
No, I never comment as Anon Y. Mously.
5. Does the truth hurt?
Sometimes, but it all depends on who’s saying what.
6. What was the worst thing that happened to you because of a lie?
Getting fired from a job some 40 years ago.
7. Who do you lie to the most – yourself or others?
See #1 + 10.
8. Is there a difference between a secret and a lie.
Sure there is, the first is hard to keep, the second a laughing matter.
9. Truth or Dare?
An American game not often played in non English countries.
10. Does the mirror never lie?
A good mirror doesn’t.
11. Does the mirror have two faces?
Next to a front and a back?
12. How old are you?
Late 50’s
13. How much do you weigh?
Still too much but far less then 5 years ago. This whole website started as a weight loss blog. Today I have my 7 year Anny Versarry, and that’s not a lie.

Is it really that big?
Yes the human skin is our largest organ!
Are you really vers?
Do I think what you really mean by vers as in versatile?!
Just how old is that pic?
Which one?!

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