Icy vs Balmy

Fire_vs_IceWhile in North America and Canada people freeze to death with temperatures well below -46 Fahrenheit [-43 Celsius] including windchill factor, we had the warmest January 6 since 1901.

The mercury at the official weather station in the Netherlands [De Bilt] saw 14,6º C [58º F] yesterday at noon. But a warning went out too… we could have the “American weather” in a fortnight!

One thought on “Icy vs Balmy

  1. I would do some nasty things for that 58F right now. at 6a (wake up time) it was 4F. at noon it was 14F. at 3:30p it’s 10F. this is not good.

    however, I am grateful that I have a warm home, a warm office, and a warm car to get back and forth.

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