Late New Years Celebration…

images57COFKS7We wanted to keep it simple… Both Mario and I got an invitation to a New Year’s celebration / drinks at a friend’s retail store. So after the warm shower [rain] was gone we went to town and visited the store where drinks and a sturdy Christmas cake was waiting for us.

Next to many friends we both know from the Soirée Frivolette evenings, we encountered other people we had, or made, a connection with.

Halfway during the evening, many people had already left, we went our way too. First stop @ De Engel, [the Angel of Amsterdam], where we were greeted like long-lost friends. Okay it was still 2013 when we where here last… then to Café ‘t Mandje – Bet van Beeren for another drink. The atmosphere was different from other nights, not something to put your finger on, so back we went to De Engel.

After a few drinks it was time to go home, but before we catched the ferry we had something to eat at Prins Heerlijk on Prins Hendrikkade, just around the corner of Zeedijk. Then I had to pee, which I like to do at 5 star hotels, so across the Waterfront to the Double Tree Hilton. I parked my tricycle scooter in the lobby [like I normally do], and Mario… he walked in with his bike and parked it next to mine. Afterwards I apologized for our behavior, and the concierge said “This is Amsterdam, things like that happen! It gives color to our city.”

Another great evening was had by all, and now… off to bed. Tomorrow is already today a nice sleep-in is in order.

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