Food Glorious Food – A Late Xmas Dinner

food-glorious-foodTo celebrate Christmas we had a late dinner last night, in which the whole family came together. Before we went to do our things in the kitchen gifts were exchanged, to me and my parents.

My Dad and I got one together, we’re going to visit the longest running musical in the Netherlands “Soldaat van Oranje” [Soldier of Orange]. In a theater specially built for this production. [A real Dakota C-47 is part of the set].

Next to my parents, my brother, my sisters and their husbands, my nephews and girlfriend and me, twelve in all.

To make it easier on the old folks, especially my Dad, they only had to provide the chairs, a table and beer and wine.

We knew what the main course would be, so I took care of the starters and my brother-in-law of dessert. Big Sis would do the main.

Amuse: Marinated tuna on cucumber topped with a cilantro leave.

Soup: Lobster Bisque, with lobster meat and creme fraîche and a little dill.

Main: Duck Confit, with Hasselback potatoes, a rocket salad and a cole-slaw salad

Dessert: Apple Strudel with a twist and vanilla ice cream.

Red and white wine was served, and the ones who still had to drive home had a choice of alcohol free beer or soda.

A good night was had by all… and for a change… no fighting! Maybe the stress of Xmas was behind us.

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