Are You Ready For The Holidays ?

christmas-keep-calmNormally this is the time I write my “Thank You” note for December 25. Today I do it differently. Of course I’m still thankful for all the things that have happened to me, or the ones that didn’t happen.

For the first time I didn’t shopped till I dropped, I didn’t fill my fridge with stuff I liked most but wasn’t [really] allowed to eat. Why buy wine, beer and savoury snacks when friends only drop by for coffee and cake. The beer, last year, took about 8 months to be consumed, and not by me. The wine… is from a good year and still in storage, maybe a glass of red tonite when all the TV programs turn [Xmas] mushy and reading a good story is what I need to find sleep. A whole bottle could do that too but that’s not me.

But before the ‘festivities’ start, I still have to clean the west side of the living room and the kitchen. Not my favorite jobs but I’ve got still 23 hours before I turn 58 years old.

[Sometimes I want a magic wand to do it all for me]. 😉

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