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TMI – Kiss The Cook

kiss-the-cook1. How good of a cook are you?
I’m a reasonable cook, the recipes you’ll find on this site are not mine, who would have them both in metric and Imperial weights? Ever since the gastric bypass I can eat less, so dishes are easier to make.
2. Who taught you how to cook?
My Mum did some of it, the rest… you’ve to eat… so experience by yourself.
3. Who does the cooking in your home?
Guess who? I live alone.
4. Do you cook more or eat out more?
Eating out is something festive in this part of the world, I cook or nuke something at home.
5. Are you more of a cook or dessert maker?
I do like desserts but I hardly make them, has maybe to do with the restricted diet.
6. What was your worst/funniest cooking moment?
Years ago I had my younger sister for dinner and I made Boeuf Bourguignon. When she asked if it was fresh I said of course “Yes!” She believed it, until she opened the kitchen bin and saw the wrapping of the dish. Okay, I had her fooled, but she did that a few weeks before with me too when I went to dinner at her place.
7. What’s your best dish?
Everything* without a whole egg. In 7 years time, in the post Thursday Recipe, almost no-one has noticed I don’t use whole eggs [egg whites and yolks]. I have an allergic reaction to that combination. I can eat just egg whites, or yolks used in a sauce. Together I stay as far away as possible. *I need the time, right equipment and a recipe. On my old gas stove I can do not much, neighter do I have an oven.
8. Is revenge a dish best served cold?
If you go for the phrase yes, but you could give the person also the cold shoulder. [No, not a lamb cut]
9. Is the best way to a man’s heart truly through his stomach?
If it makes the heart fonder… Yes.

Have you made whoopee in the kitchen?

Have you seen the size of my kitchen? [Oh, wait size didn’t matter…]
Which foods have you used to spice up your love life?
Chocolate mousse.