On my way down I joked with a neighbor about being stuck in the elevator. Then I did my shopping, picked up the mail and got in to get up. Or so I thought. I didn’t get far help-on-the-waysomewhere between the ground floor and the first the elevator stopped. [That’s 1st and 2nd for Americans].

So I phoned the emergency service, and a technician arrived 30 minutes later. After I got out with the scooter people asked if I was nervous. “No, why should I?!” I replied. I was sitting comfortably in my chair, had food and drink fresh from the shop and something to read, like yesterdays newspaper and the first Season’s Greetings card, all the way from Melbourne Australia. [Thanks Andrew].

I left the scooter downstairs, and walked up the two floors to my apartment, which is an exercise in itself, but I got there eventually. At least I know I can go out tonite, because my ‘wheels’ are waiting on level zero. Another Soirée Frivolette avec Luna Lunettes @ Bet van Beeren – ‘t Mandje.

3 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Like you, I would find getting stuck in the elevator (well-supplied) very relaxing. Glad you can go out tonight. This former New Yorker grew up in a building that called the ground floor “Lobby” and then started counted from “1” on what the rest of the New Yorkers would call “2.” It was very confusing. I grew up on 16, which was really 17.

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