Today, 25 Years Ago

wwwTime flies, that’s something we’re all aware off.

Just 25 years ago, on November 17, the Netherlands became the second country, after the US of A, on the internet.

94% of people own a computer in the Netherlands, and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) registered in October over 512,000 terabyte of data. (Two years before it was just 300,000 terabyte).

Earlier today my Dad and I talked about using a computer as back-office support. At the time I was against it, a few years later we bought our first computer which still worked with floppy drives and DOS, a black screen and green font. And look at us now… we can’t live without them anymore.

3 thoughts on “Today, 25 Years Ago

  1. I did not purchase a home desktop computer until 1998. can’t live without one now; it’s the only way I can stay in touch with all my boyfriends!

    my first work computer ran DOS, floppy discs, and black screen with orange letters (ow, my eyes!).

  2. I learned UNIX in the early 80s, the transition to DOS was a nightmare. My first screen was black with bright orange text – very hard on the eyes after a time. Thanks for the memories.

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