Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

TMI – Have You Ever Been Caught…

caught1. Lying?
I can’t lie, I just start laughing, but I can tell a very good fib.
2. Stealing?
As a kid, stealing a roll of sweets.
3. Cheating?
No, had not enough partners.
4. Hiding?
Only during hide and seek as a kid.
5. Looking?
I’m 6’6”, looking is easy from that height.
6. Peaking?
No, I learned the things I had to learn before exams.
7. Eating?
Yes, and during a heavy diet.
8. Singing?
I normally sing when I’m alone, or hum while driving thru town.
9. On camera?
Watch out what you do in an elevator, even farting can be heard.
10. Between a rock and a hard place?
There are several meanings for this phrase. No I’ve never gone bankrupt, and in case I had to choose between two outcomes I always followed my heart, sometimes with disastrous results.

In the act?
See #2

BTW, that’s not me in the photo.