Strong Gale…

HurricaneWe, in the coastal parts of the Netherlands, will see a southwesterly strong gale going over the country in the coming hours. Some gusts of wind will have hurricane force.

Next to that most trees still have their leaves, especially after all the nice balmy weather we had the last few weeks. They will be the first to suffer.

We have occasionally stormy weather, but winds like these are an exception to the rule. It’s best to stay indoors, and out-of-the-way of nearby trees or lose projectiles. So the summer chairs are stacked inside, small planters and other garden crap have a few days house arrest.

And I just noticed my battery of the insulin pump is empty and I forgot to get a few new ones. So early tomorrow I still have to go out to get hooked up again, I can do with a few hours without battery.

UPDATE: I found some batteries, so I don’t need to go out and get some.

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