Feel Good Movie – Chez Nous

chez-nous-filmLast night we, Mario and I, went to Gay Night at Pathé De Munt cinema, together with 500 other people who wanted to see Chez Nous.

Again, like two months ago, the cinema was overbooked, so another screen room was opened.

The movie takes place in Amsterdam, of course, in a gay bar with live entertainment, where due to the mismanagement of the late owner they need cash soon. A lot of cash!

They plan a heist, during the busiest weekend of the year, Gay Pride’s Canal Parade.

Our own drag queens, some of them played in the movie too, turned up in full regalia for this opening night. Mean while in Utrecht this movie premiered at the Nederlands Film Festival, and the main character Berti [Alex Klaasen] and the movie are nominated for a Pink Calf.

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