It’s still new to me, so no pictures with this one.

It’s the middle of the night, around 4 am, when i write this post. I can’t sleep so i went out of bed and i am watching taped episodes of hottie chef James Martin, when he flies up and down the UK, making food stuff from local produce.

Next to me a glass of chardonnay, to make me sleepy, which hasn’t worked yet. I’m doing well and so is Mum, who i went to visit in the hospital earlier this evening. She was very clear, no. questions about the ‘good old days’.

The only thing i hate about this iPad device is the words it tries to put into place instead of my own words. Have to find a way around that. Btw, that happens in dutch and english.

Better watch the next episode about scotland and iTS fine produce. [i stoppend correcting the sententies, Unilever i find the off switch]

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  1. Glad mum is doing well. You can turn off auto correct by going into settings, general, keyboard. You can leave spell check on and it will red underline errors. if you space back to the word it will suggest correct spellings which you then tap. Welcome to the cult! One of Us! One of Us!

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