TMI – Sock It To Me !

books_socks_l1. What’s your shoe size?
Until I got sick in 2001 it was 13.5 G European/UK which is a size 14 in USA. After September 2001 and two years with both feet and legs in plaster… they’re much bigger, but I can’t give you an exact size since the shoes are made especially for me.

2. Do your socks and shoes stink?
No! I don’t wear socks anymore and my shoes get a necessary rest of at least 8 hours a day.

3. Around the house do you wear socks, slippers or go barefoot?
Without some form of footwear I can’t walk, as I said before my shoes are made to measure, so are my slippers and shower shoes.

4. What length and color are your athletic socks?
No socks!

5. Do you wear normal dress socks or do you have some fun ones?
See #2 & 4

6. Do you sleep with socks on or off?
See #2, 4 & 5

7. During the summer do you go sockless?
Yes! But also in autumn, winter and spring, in fact all year round. But I don’t go without my support stockings.

8. Are socks on a man sexy?
Yes, but not the white athletic kind.

9. Have you ever used garters with socks?
Good socks don’t need garters, you just have to pay a bit more instead of picking them out of the bin of 5 for $3.

10. Have you ever darned a sock?
Before September 2001!

Sex – socks on or socks off? 
OFF !!! I want to see you head to toe nekkid.