TMI – Road Trip !

roadtrip1. Pilot or navigator?
Navigator, I don’t drive a car.
2. Were you ever able to read a map?
Yes, I’m very good at that!
3. Can you sleep or read in a car?
I can do both but not at the same time.
4. Driving in the snow is?
Sometimes boring, but the company can make it better
5. Music, talk or audio books?
Music in the background, a good conversation during the trip, and I’ve never tried audiobooks… yet.
6. Pack a snack or road kill?
As a good boy scout I come prepared.
7. Direct or scenic route?
Depends where we’re going
8. Car games?
Haven’t played that for ages.
9. Can you fix a flat?
I’ve seen people do it, so let’s give it a try.
10. Have you ever been or picked up a hitchhiker?
I’ve never been picked up, but I’ve taken a few for a ride, on the scooter since I still don’t own a car.

Rest stops?

Every two hours to stretch the legs or for something to eat in a diner. The rest is up to you…

4 thoughts on “TMI – Road Trip !

    1. I know the one who makes these questions, and there’s always some sexual reference mixed into it. You should see his answers to these same questions.

    1. My Dad said it could be handy some day, so I’ve got my drivers licence, but haven’t sat behind a wheel ever since I got that pink slip of paper [35 years ago]. I lived 5 minutes walking distance from work, so why bother buying a car while driving to work would take up to 12 minutes [one way]. Having a car just sitting waiting costs you $$$$ on car tax.
      When you have a car in Amsterdam you won’t park it in the centre of town, it’s too expensive, when you go out you can’t drink [and drive]. Next to that we have a great public transport system: the densest train system, subways, trams and busses in larger cities and busses that go to every village in the country.

      The only thing you have to do, to be on time for an appointment somewhere in the country, is leave on time.

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