TMI Friday – Eating Out

1. How often do you eat out?
Not that much any more, ever since a lapband was placed around my stomach in June 2007 I’ve eaten out a couple of times. Since the gastric bypass of January of this year… for dinner never, for lunch a few times.
2. Do like trying new places?
I have to try out new places, there’s a new “Loetje” in my part of town, but I haven’t had a good steak since May 2007. Red meat doesn’t go well down the intestines.
3. How do you feel about chains vs. individual restaurants?
I prefer individual restaurants, they have more change.
4. Do you usually have a preference of where you sit?
I like to see who enters, but as long as it’s not next to the loo, I don’t mind.
5. Do you order dessert?
Depends what the meal was.
6. Where won’t you eat?
Places that have a racist background.
7. Kids in restaurants are… ?
Sometimes a nuisance, but that is the fault of the parents / educators.
8. Do you have any ‘rules’ for when you eat out?
Just have a good time, and try not to fight.
9. Do you tip the waiter in cash or on credit? How much?
We don’t have a tip percentage in the Netherlands, it’s part of the pricing of the goods. But I would normally give 5 to 10 percent extra in cash. In the US I would give 20 percent because that’s expected.

People describe eating as a sexual experience. Would you?
When it involves strawberries and chocolate, yes.
Have you mixed sex and food?
Not yet.
Does the possibility of sex after dinner affect what your order?
No beans, sauerkraut or fried onions, it gives such a windy start or finish.