Open Air Concerto Prinsengracht

pgc2013We have a lot of things in Amsterdam, but not an open air theater which is big enough to hold the whole Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. So what do these Amsterdammers do? They build a concert hall on a pontoon in the middle of Prinsengracht!

Prinsengracht-Concert-BoatsYou only have to bring a good mood, a drink and something to eat, the concert is free of charge. Oh, and also important… a small boat so you can dock in front of the stage.

A few days ahead of the concerto the canal is already blocked by small boats, and when you live close to the venue you have “friends” who visit you once a year, only on this date.

One of the traditions of this concert is the last song of the program “Aan de Amsterdamse grachten”, sung in Dutch, by the [mostly foreign] soloist.

You can see the whole TV performance here. If you have problems viewing it abroad go to Instellingen and check the square behind Buitenland.

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