Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

Penny Pinching

bubble-foot-printIn my family I’m not known as a penny-pincher, but I do like a bargain, as most Dutch do. So when “Big Blue Supermarket” said all their A-brand detergents would be buy one and get one free, I went for it. At the register it turned out only certain brands had that discount, so I left without soap.

This morning I checked a certain Dutch website to see where my brand was for sale at a discount, and just across the street they gave a discount of 60 percent! And that for a brand you never see at discount prices. The only drawback was that I only had the choice between a dark color version and a fine fabric one, so I went for the latter, which can be used for everything.

Better check for toilet paper soon because I’m running low on that as well.