A Summer Night At The Opera

concerts-in-the-parkI hope to enjoy a beautiful summer evening in the company of Rossini, Bach, Bizet, Verdi and many more later tonight. The Nationale Reisopera and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble will be performing a host of popular operatic arias inside the Royal Concertgebouw, but I’m going to enjoy these classical treats in the great outdoors, as the entire performance will be broadcast live on a big screen in the Flevopark.

Hosted by renowned mezzo-soprano Tania Kross, it’s sure to be an exceptional evening of music for opera buffs [not me] and novices alike. There will even be a few extra surprises too, such as Randy Newman and Radiohead classics with an operatic twist.

I’m going to see and hear it with friend/neighbor Mario and many others. The people of Pink IJburg have moved their meeting location to the park for a change, and out of their postal code.

Earlier this year a live concert from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra could be seen while they performed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two months ago it was Caro Emerald and last month the Buena Vista Social Club, both live at the Concertgebouw. I missed those performances.

So the cooler is stocked with white wine [Mario] and ice tea for me, but also some cheese and sausage to nibble and share with others.

2 thoughts on “A Summer Night At The Opera

  1. Opera and sausage: a good marriage! 😛
    Viel Spass! (too lazy to find how to type the eszett) 😉

    1. @Jon, we had a great night, you would have loved it too. Music and songs from Die Walküre, Tannhäuser and Lohengrin [Wagner], Carmen & Les pêcheurs de perles [Bizet], Paranoid Android [Radio Head] and many instrumental pieces by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble all of course with an opera background.

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