Testing… Testing… One… Two…


I just wanted to see if I could drive from home to the AMC and back, on the scooter. In short I can, but… the battery went to a flashing red as soon as I left the ferry in the northern part of the city. That means the battery is nearly empty. I could drive the last 3 miles with that flashing light, and the battery died 3 feet from my front door!

This means, driving up and down to the butcher in Edam is out of the question. He’s at least 2 miles further away. But with the Connexxion services that’s not a costly problem.

Of course driving to the AMC had a reason, a regular appointment with my specialist of internal diseases. Loosing all the weight in the last few months resulted in two medicines less to swallow. One for diabetes and the other for cholesterol. I still have the insulin and another cholesterol pill to take, but over the whole day its 7 pills less, almost a meal. 😉

AND… for the first time I could stand on the scales in his office, 147 kg / 324 pounds. [Coming from 200 kg / 441 pounds in June 2007. See also Tippin’ My Scales]

5 thoughts on “Testing… Testing… One… Two…

  1. Wow. 7 fewer pills is incredible! Too bad the battery won’t last longer. Still, great that it made it to within three feet of the door. The Gods were with you that day!

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