Forgotten Photos

CIMG4726After downloading the photos of Amsterdam Gay Pride on Sunday I found some others on the chip as well.

<< This is the former town hall of Edam, built in 1737, now a museum, a place to get married and a tourist office.

A few weeks ago while passing through Landsmeer, a little village next to Amsterdam, I bought some home-made meals at a supermarket, they were delicious! So the next week I took the 3 mile drive again, but heard they only sold those products on Friday, and leftovers [if there were any] on Saturday. But they named their supplier as being Keurslager [butcher] Taam of Edam.

CIMG4728Of course at home I checked where they were located in Edam. And the next week my Dad, Big Sis and I visited the butcher, and filled our fridge with meals. That was 3 weeks ago.  So last Monday I went there myself. First I had myself dropped of by Connexxion, including the scooter, near the Dam in the river Ye. >>
It’s a very steep bridge with locks on both sides. It’s good there are normal bridges nearby otherwise you would never see the rest of town. Just for a day out… some shopping and enjoying the countryside.

The terrace of the Dam Hotel was tempting, but all seats were filled. So I did my meal shopping first, stacked everything in my cooler bag and then went back for coffee and a light lunch. Of course I brought a book and a newspaper, soaking up sun in the mean time. An hour-and-a-half later I was back on my way to Amsterdam, which is some 11 miles down the road.

The pictures below depicted the following sights, from the cycle path along N247 Monnickendammerjaagweg [I know you like tongue breakers!]: Driving towards Volendam. The bridge over the Zedde near Katwoude. Looking over the polders towards Amsterdam Westpoort, on the right. And at the horizon the Electricity Plant Hemweg in Westpoort.

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